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Noble Won The Title Of "Innovative Small And Medium Enterprises"

Time : 2023-11-06 Hits : 33

Noble Smart Manufacturing was rated as an "Innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprise" by the Shenzhen Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Service Bureau recently. The reputation is a recognition of NOBLE‘s technological innovation, product research and development, etc.

NOBLE will continue to improve technology accumulation, strengthen technological innovation, continuously stimulate corporate innovation vitality and endogenous power, and enhance corporate competitiveness.



Noble Smart Manufacturing is a comprehensive entity enterprise with independent research anddevelopment, production, and sales capabilities. NOBLEhas standardized and complete management, passed certifications of ISO9001-2015 and ISO13485-2016, and obtained Production Permits for Medical Devices, and FDA 510K certificate. We will continue to obtain MDR,  JGMP, and other related medical qualifications and certifications.

Medical Certification

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