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Congratulations! Noble Passed The Certification Of "Shenzhen Specialized, Special And New Small And Medium Enterprises"

Time : 2023-10-11 Hits : 39

According to the list of” "Shenzhen Specialized, Special And New Small And Medium Enterprises in 2023”,published by Shenzhen Small and Medium Enterprises Service Bureau.


Noble successfully passed the certification  of "Shenzhen Specialized, Special and New Small and Medium Enterprises".

The certification is another recognition from authoritative departments of our company's comprehensive strength and professional innovation capabilities after NOBLE was recognized as a "National High-Tech Enterprise" in 2019.

According to data shared by relevant professional companies, a total of 11,000 specialized and new small and medium-sized enterprises in Shenzhen were recommended in 2023, of which only 3,009 passed, with a passing rate of only 27.35%. Among them, Bao'an District continues to be significantly ahead of other districts with 792 companies and is worthy of being the "headquarters" of Shenzhen's manufacturing industry.


In 2022, a total of 4,818 companies passed the certification of "Shenzhen Specialized, Special, and New Small and Medium Enterprises," and the overall number dropped by 37.55% compared with 2023. This shows that the difficulty of certification this year has increased a lot, and it also proves that the companies that have passed the certification this year have stronger strengths.

list 2

The title of Shenzhen Specialized, Special, and New Small and Medium Enterprises is an important honor awarded by the Shenzhen Municipal Government to commend small and medium-sized enterprises that have outstanding performance in specialization, refinement, distinctiveness, and innovation capabilities. Such enterprises may not be large in scale, but they have their own "unique skills." They focus on a certain link in the industrial chain, focus on the core business, have strong innovation capabilities and risk resistance capabilities, and have a certain say in the industrial chain.

NOBLE can obtain this reputation thanks to the efforts of all employees and the collaboration of the team, as well as the strong support of our upstream and downstream partners. Over the years, NOBLE has always been committed to building the core competitiveness of "speed, innovation, quality, and cost" with the business philosophy of "quality above all else and cost throughout.". Passing this certification is not only an affirmation of our past efforts but also a spur to our future development. We will continue to uphold the corporate spirit of "rigorousness and efficiency, unity and working hard, learning and innovation, and sharing," continuously improve our technical strength and service levels, strive to become a leading intelligent care product service provider, and strive to grow into a national-level specialized and innovative service provider and "Little Giant" enterprise as soon as possible.


Noble is a Sino-British joint venture awarded the titles "National High-Tech Enterprise" and "Shenzhen Specialized, Special, and New Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" by the Chinese government.NOBLE owns two businesses: The Smart Manufacturing business and the Product business.

Product Business

With the vision of "becoming a leading intelligent care product service provider," our product business focuses on the three major fields of beauty care, health care, and elderly care.

profuct business

Smart Manufacturing Business

Our smart manufacturing business specializes in providing customers with project support services, including parts machining and manufacturing, and has accumulated abundant experience in many innovative fields such as intelligent care products, medical equipment, automobile transportation, commercial aerospace, robots, and automation equipment.

smart manuufacturing business

We have obtained ISO9001-2015 and ISO13485-2016 quality system certifications, the Chinese Medical Device Registration Certificate and Production License, the US FDA 510K certificate, and will continue to obtain EU MDR, Japanese JGMP, and other related medical qualifications and certifications.NOBLE will continue to provide customers with satisfactory and assured products and services based on the quality policy of "strict compliance management, the pursuit of excellent quality, and customer satisfaction."

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