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Exhibition news

Exhibition news

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NOBLE Participated in the COSMOPROF ASIA HONGKONG Showcasing Product Features And Scientific Research Concepts

Time : 2023-11-22 Hits : 28

Congratulations on the successful conclusion of our hair removal beauty products business at COSMOPROF ASIA HONGKONG.The COSMOPROF ASIA HONGKONG, NOBLE attracted widespread attention from visitors and industry insiders from all over the world with its distinctive series of products and innovative scientific research concepts.



At the exhibition site, our company created a comfortable and convenient experience for visitors. Our products have attracted the attention of many visitors. These products have won unanimous praise from visitors and industry insiders for their unique designs and excellent quality.



As the most influential beauty exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region, this exhibition has gathered many well-known domestic and foreign brands and companies, attracting a large number of practitioners. During the three-day exhibition, NOBLE received more than a thousand visitors.

Through on-site demonstrations and explanations, we show visitors the use and effects of our products, so that they can more intuitively understand the advantages of our products. At the same time, we also shared our company's philosophy with visitors, emphasizing our focus on original research and development of products, which is also well confirmed by the company's many patented inventions. In addition, the company attaches great importance to quality and management standards, and has obtained ISO9001-2015 and ISO13485-2016 Quality Management System Certification, as well as a Class II Medical Device Production License; Our products have obtained a number of important certifications such as Class II Medical Device Registration Certificate and FDA510K Certificate,etc.





The participation in this exhibition not only allowed our company's products and concepts to be more widely displayed and recognized but also provided us with a platform to communicate with industry insiders and consumers and gain valuable market information and industry trends. Through interaction with visitors, the company learned about their needs and expectations for products, which has important reference value for our company's future product development and improvement. We will continue to uphold the value of "helping people live with confidence, self-esteem, and independence" and bring more excellent products and services to the market.

NOBLE is a Sino-British joint venture awarded by thegovernment as a"National High-tech Enterprise". We are acomprehensive entity enterprise with ability of independentR&D, production and sales.

We have two major business directions: "Smart Manufacturingand"Care Products". The "Care Products"business focuses on fields of beauty care, health care, elderly care, devotes to become a leading providerof intelligent care products and service.

The"Smart Manufacturing" business specializes in providing customers with projects supporting services including partsmachining and manufacturing.

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